Article series with Atenta’s headhunting blog

Some of the first people I met in Hamburg in the Twitter community where Alex and Jan, from the Atenta recruiting firm. Their focus as headhunters is to use not only the internet, but also social media for recruitment. They are very innovative and have done some interesting project, like a job search engine for Leia mais sobreArticle series with Atenta’s headhunting blog[…]

Blogger is back, will I be back too?

Since mid-August I had been locked out of Today, after almost a week without posting, I found out that my login at works again. No idea why, no word from the not so nice people at Funny that this happens now, because I have been thinking about this blog and its future. Leia mais sobreBlogger is back, will I be back too?[…]

Comments and suggestions for your job search strategy

I just answered a questionnaire by the Mannheim Business School on my job search. In the end, they asked to highlight what we thought was important and add other points. I added a few. These are the points that the school suggested which I think are important: Career fairs Contacts to professors or to external Leia mais sobreComments and suggestions for your job search strategy[…]