Hi, I'm Fernando Bresslau

A little bit more about myself

An engineer building startups. And, sometimes, making music.

I am a professional of many crafts and have worked in different countries and industries and have many interest.
I am a precision machinist and naval engineer (to speak of 2 extremes of a spectrum :-). In this area, I have worked developing medical equipment Brazil, shipbuilding in China and manufacturing high quality musical instruments in Germany. I am good with logic, processes and numbers.
I am also a business manager specialized in marketing, finance and Venture Capital. I did my full time MBA at Warwick, Queen's School of Business in Canada and Mannheim in Germany. I´ve worked in consulting in Germany and Belgium and in Venture Capital in Brazil. Since 2013 I work with startups at Aceleratech, Brazil's main digital startup accelerator as a Director/CFO and Partner. I help startups structure themselves and prepare for and find investment.
I am available for Teaching, Consulting and Speaking engagements and can help you or your company set foot in Brazil and get in touch with local VC investors.
You might find a few of my interests around this website: harmonica music, snowboarding and kitesurfing, social businesses, crypto-currencies and blockchains, fractal art.

  • A generalist loooking for automation.

  • Equity investment contracts, termsheets.

  • Financial projections, finance, accounting.

  • UX, IT, content, processes.

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