Head hunting blog series: introducing myself

Two weeks ago (put date here) Alex and Jan from Atenta asked me if I wasn’t interested in writing a few articles for their head hunting blog Wollmilchsau; I would represent the view of job seekers. As I am myself a Social Media enthusiast and also use it for my job search, I agreed.

About myself: my name is Fernando Bresslau, I am German-Brazilian, was born, raised and went to university in São Paulo. As a young engineer it is always good to collect international experience early on. Germany was a natural choice, as I already knew the culture and the language. The double citizenship made everything even easier and, after five months in China, I was ready to emigrate to Germany.

I have to say, I like it here. I often have to hear that leaving that beautiful country with its beautiful sun, the pretty beaches, gorgeous women and… and… to come to a dark, serious land was a mistake. Naturally, I see it differently. The fantastic infrastructure, lots of green spaces, the smaller cities, the high respect others’ rights, the cultural awareness, the regular lifestyle, the bike paths are only a part of that which makes this country pleasant in its own way. And one can find pretty women everywhere 😉

About Social Media: my first job in Germany I earned through internet fora and e-mail. But this is for the next article.

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