Using social media to research social media

I decided to take part in a social media experiment. Nigel Fenwick, Vice President Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and a colleague alumnus from Warwick Business School (MBA) posted a survey on WBS’ forum on LinkedIn and asked it to be shared through social media. I took the survey and am sharing it here and on twitter/facebook.
it is about the penetration of Social Media in the C suite and what we think about that. To sum it up, I believe, as always in social media, the question is not whether social media will be used by C level executives, but rather where, how and when. In some industries, this is a given, especially in B2C communication and brand building. In others, where personal connections (and by that I mean in person schmoozing) are important, it stands in the way.

Well, if you got curious and want to take the survey, here is the link to Nigel’s blog for CIOs:

The survey is quick and simple, it took me less than the advertised 5 minutes to complete it.

Wishing you all a great new year from Brazil,

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